Black Feathers - Max 24
Black Feathers - Max 24

Black Feathers - Max 24

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The Feathers scented candle is an object of decoration perfect for all interiors. Its black inlays placed in hand-blown glass give off a feathered effect. When lit, this candle’s flames delicately reveal a warm and elegant light.

  • Notes: Black rose and oud wood
  • Burn time: 400 hours
  • 5 wicks
  • Height: 24cm
  • Weight: 11lbs

Always burn your candle until the whole surface becomes liquid. This step may take a long time, especially during the first burning. When the entire top of the wax is liquid, do not burn it longer than one hour. The top layer of liquid wax should never exceed one centimeter in height. 

See our Baobab care instructions page here.